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IGN: TacticalAxis
By TacticalAxis » about 1 year ago

Welcome to The PixelCubeMC Network!

The Official Website of The PixelCubeMC Network

Website: pixelcubemc.net
Minecraft Server: pixelcubemc.net

 Let us Introduce Ourselves...
The PixelCubeMC Network is not just Minigames, PvP, and Factions, we have a lot of other games, cosmetics, maps, and other things that almost no other server has. We are constantly updating, upgrading and fixing things on this server almost every day. Come play on our server, and join us on this epic roller-coaster ride, and see our server expand to all the regions of the world!
About our fantastic Server
We started working on the PixelCube Network in April 2015. Every day, players would come online to help with map building, developers would help with coding game mechanics, and we as the Founders were discussing and planning for the future of The PixelCube Network. Our server was worked on until December 2015 when helpers, builders and developers started to drop support and help for our server. We weren't looking for any donations at the time, yet we still got a small donation from another developer. A month later we had to shut down the server due to many expenses and no players.
The PixelCube server was finally started up in February 2016 again due to a single player (who does not wish to be mentioned) who volunteered to help bring the server back to life. He started coding as a dev, building as a builder, and eventually became an official OP.  During May of 2016, he left the PixelCube Network to work on another Minecraft server, stating to the devs "I have a lot of experience with Minecraft servers I've ran my own network for almost three months named "PixelCube". I know almost all the plugins functions on the Faction and KitPvP and I know how to use them." In January 2018, we decided to start the server up again and this time, open it up in different stages so that more players can join and have fun.
We have started a complete re-code of the original PixelCube Network, now known as The PixelCubeMC Network, and are hoping the release the first alpha stage to the public. We only have a few players, but we are hoping to gain more than we did last time and to attract players all over the world. We are happy to say that The PixelCubeMC Network is back and better than any other. We have just released the new official website so that players can have all the information at their disposal, and at the same time track their stats online without having to go in-game. We have a planned release date of June the 17th, 2018! Welcome to The PixelCubeMC Network! 
Staff Members
Owner/Dev: CyberTornado
Owner/Dev: TacticalAxis
Owner/Dev: MD-7
Builder: SpookySteam
Builder: ImFabUrNot
Builder: HuggableMunchkin
Player: GoldMiner360
Player: dan1246